There's a better way than throw away

Join us in creating it.

So you care about plastic pollution. So do we.

But for us, the problem isn't just plastic. It's really the throw-away culture that's at the root of plastic pollution and a host of other problems.

We're UPSTREAM, a national non-profit organization sparking innovative solutions to plastic pollution and our throw-away culture. We create opportunities, develop tools and invite business leaders, policy makers and culture hackers to join us in changing the world.

The Indisposable Podcast

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Force of Nature

The righteously unreasonable Diane Wilson shares stories of eco-activism & the power of citizen action to fight industrial pollution


What the SF is a Reusable Foodware Ordinance?

How do we turn off the tap of plastic pollution for a whole community? See what we are up to in SF!


The Story Behind Throw-Away-Free

Find out why UPSTREAM is creating Throw-Away-Free Places and Communities


Plastic Exposed and the UNWRAPPED Conference

Learn about Plastic Exposed and the UNWRAPPED Conference in June


UPSTREAM's Origin Story

UPSTREAM was started by a group of activists. The two founders, Dr. Bill Sheehan and Helen Spiegelman, were pioneers of Zero Waste...


Learn about food packaging chemicals and micro-plastic threats to human health from leading scientists.

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