Indisposable Intro

October 9, 2019

Introducing the Indisposable Video Series

Let's face it. Trash is a big problem. No matter how much we try to ignore it, not a single day goes by without you being hit by the stench, sight, or touch of some form of trash. The sheer size of the trash pollution problem seems to be insurmountable, and growing by the day. Too often we're left wondering how, if anything, can a single individual do anything about it. But see here's the thing... individuals can make a difference.

In our efforts to curb single-use plastic pollution we've been coming across thousands of stories about how every day people are finding solutions to plastic pollution. So we thought, "hey, that would make a good series". And we were right! 

Introducing, INDISPOSABLE: A documentary web series that shares stories from individual folks, everyday businesses and local communities that have had it with trash. And as these stories add up, you too will see that there's already a global effort being made to save ourselves from a future like the one in Wall E.

This isn't a trend. This is Indisposable.

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