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Imagine you’re going to catch a ballgame

Where your nachos are served on a real plate and your beer or soda is in a reusable cup.

There’s no more overflowing garbage cans and litter on the ground.

How much more enjoyable would these places be with nothing to throw away?

We’re working to create a whole new cultural idea - Throw-Away-Free Places.

And make it the new normal.


Additional resources that you might find helpful in becoming Throw-Away-Free
An analysis and call-to-action to phase out the most polluting plastic products used in the United States. UPSTREAM co-wrote this report with our friends at 5 Gyres Institute with help from Algalita, Californians Against Waste, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Responsible Purchasing Network, The Story of Stuff, Surfrider Foundation, and Team Marine.

Oregon Notice On Compostables

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Compostable foodware is a very popular (and expensive) alternative to petroleum-based plastic. Here's nine reasons why Oregon composters don't want your compostable foodware.
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UPSTREAM 2018 Impact Report

The Impact and Cost of SUDs

Learn about the impact of UPSTREAM's work throughout the world in its annual impact report.
Plastic is a global health crisis hiding in plain sight. Learn about the costs of a plastic planet in this report published by CIEL and featuring UPSTREAM's Miriam Gordon.
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