A Giant Leap Toward Throw-Away-Free Living

On January 22nd, 2019, the city of Berkeley, CA made national history by unanimously voting for an ordinance that Mayor Jesse Arreguin called “the most ambitious, comprehensive legislation to reduce throw-away foodware in the United States.”

The Disposable-Free Berkeley Ordinance will require reusable dishware for dining on-site, compostable packaging and flatware for to-go orders, and a 25 cent charge on to-go cups. We interviewed the ordinance authors, UPSTREAM’s Program Director and Ecology Center’s Executive Director Martin Borque, for The Indisposable Podcast: UPSTREAM’s new podcast showcasing solutions to plastic pollution!

The victory in Berkeley proves that eliminating disposable pollution is an attainable goal city-wide. The Berkeley ordinance's requirement for restaurants to serve its dining-in customers on real and reusable is one of the key foundational tools for Throw-Away-Free Communities. Thanks to the good work of Clean Water Action, we know that they will also save money by moving to real and reusable.