The Story of Plastic

In this episode, we get real with Stiv Wilson, an unparalleled advocate currently serving as Campaigns Director for the Story of Stuff Project, director of The Story of Plastic, and as a founding member of the Break Free From Plastic global steering committee.

Stiv shares his unique vantage point on the evolution of plastic movement strategy: from big early wins like banning microbeads in the US to the recent Global Brand Audit campaign; from focusing on ocean impacts to building a global human rights-based strategy that tackles the issue across the entire supply chain.

We also get a sneak peek into the making and key messages of The Story of Plastic, a visually powerful documentary coming out this fall that tells the story of the true scope and scale of the plastic pollution problem, as well as some emerging solutions across the globe.

Listen now for a rich and geeky discussion about movement strategy and the incredible global effort happening through #breakfreefromplastic, the movement helping make throw-away so yesterday.