Unbottling Water: The New Refill Economy

Ready for some inspiration about how awesome the future without throw-away bottles is going to be—and how much is happening already to get there? Meet Samuel Ian Rosen, the visionary ecopreneur with some serious chops at scaling business solutions to real world challenges (check out his full bio below for details).

After building a game-changing storage solution company, Samuel brought his entrepreneurial problem-solving skills to the issue of plastic bottles and access to clean water. By turning the concept of a search engine into a “thirst engine,” he has quickly developed and grown Tap, a sustainable hydration company on a mission to eliminate the single-use plastic bottle. An invaluable app for refilling clean water on-the-go, Tap maps refill-friendly businesses, stations, and fountains across 30 countries and growing. With his app, so as long as you have your own bottle, you never need to buy a bottle of water ever again.

Learn more about the savvy global movement eliminating the need for throw-away bottles by making refill accessible and convenient across the world. Check out www.findtap.com and @findtap on Instagram to get involved!

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More about Samuel Ian Rosen:

Samuel is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He's the Founder of Tap as well as MakeSpace, the category defining on-demand storage company. Under his leadership the company grew revenues from zero to several million per month and he grew the organization to 300 employees across 4 cities. Samuel's companies have raised over $100MM from premier venture capitalists including Ashton Kutcher, Carmelo Anthony, Collaborative Fund, Founders Fund, Harmony Venture Partners, lowercase capital, Nas, OATV, Primary Venture Partners, Upfront Ventures, and 8VC. For his work at MakeSpace, Samuel was named to the Forbes' List of 30 Under 30.

Samuel is also a thematic angel investor with investments in companies like Dia&Co, Daily Harvest, Checkr, Blink Health, Carmera, Feather, Density, Sweet Lorens, and City Row. He is also a Venture Scout for Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Samuel sits on the board of directors of Gift of Life, a non rofit that helps patients dying from leukemia find their life saving stem cell donor. He graduated from The University of Virginia with a B.S. in Commerce.