Take Away Without Throw-Away: Reuse Made Easy with CupClub

Reusable mugs: you’ve bought and used them, loved and lost and forgotten them, replaced and reused them. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to remember to bring your mug everywhere you go to be part of the reusable revolution?

Wouldn’t it be great if cities had cup shares that work like our bike shares? Thankfully, some brilliant innovators are on it!

In this episode we talk with Safia Qureshi, an award-winning architect, innovation designer and educator, and founder of CupClub™ - a returnable packaging service for drinks that launched in the UK in 2018. Safia shares the nitty gritty design challenges involved in creating CupClub, and the world-changing potential of this circular economy solution.

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Learn more at https://cupclub.com/.