Step Inside with Letise LaFeir

Like millions around the world right now, at UPSTREAM we’ve been talking a lot about racial justice in America. We’ve been holding in our hearts the countless Black Americans who’ve effectively been treated as disposable in our society and justice system. We’ve been meeting as a team to look at how we can do more and better to support change. And we’ve been looking at how our work building a reuse economy intersects with the work of environmental and racial justice, and with Black Lives Matter in particular.

We decided to explore these important questions with a very special guest with a crucial perspective, Letise LaFeir. A member of UPSTREAM’s board, Letise is an incredibly accomplished scientist and policy professional who has spent her career in ocean conservation, as well as a mother of two. Listen in to learn more about her personal story and the connections to address both racism and environmental destruction.

Resources referenced in our conversation: