Slow Music with Rising Appalachia

What does sustainability look like on the road and across the globe as touring musicians? We asked Rising Appalachia, a tremendously talented and soulful band rooted in southern music tradition with their own modern twist. Its founding sisters, Leah and Chloe Smith from New Orleans incorporate world and urban influences with both timely and timeless lyrics to remind us of our shared humanity and responsibility for social and climate justice.  

In their globe-trotting journeys, the group has been practicing what they call the ‘Slow Music’ approach to sustainable touring - reducing the needless plastic waste of music events and connecting with local communities and food systems wherever they can.

This episode features a reflective live conversation with Leah before the group’s Los Angeles release party for their new album Leylines, discussing the Slow Music Movement as well as their fresh new album, available on your favorite music platforms.

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You’ll probably be left wanting more from this amazing band - check out the new album Leylines, tour dates, and more information on the band's activism work at