Introducing the Indisposable Podcast

Introducing the Indisposable Podcast

UPSTREAM is pleased as punch to be introducing a new podcast uplifting solutions to plastic pollution!

Each episode features interviews with UPSTREAM heroes - activists, alchemists, strategists, innovators, entrepreneurs, community leaders and other champions of the movement to end plastic pollution (and other needless waste, because it’s all connected after all). We are focusing less on detailing the problem in this show, which is being done beautifully elsewhere, and more on amplifying solutions and stories of what’s already being done to create the more sane and beautiful world we all want to live in. Because really inspiring things are happening right now, and we want more people to hear about them, get inspired, and get involved in creating a world without waste. If the future is a mosaic built of our vision (go with us here), each episode is a tile helping us see that beautiful future more clearly.