Culture Hacking the End of Plastic

Remember when people used to smoke in restaurants? On airplanes!? How we used to make ashtrays in art class!? And how once upon a time that was all considered normal?

And are you old enough to remember life before fast-food drive throughs? That now ubiquitous part of American culture that results in billions of pieces of packaging waste each year did not even exist 50 years ago.

What can we learn from these major culture changes and how they have impacted our idea of what is normal? In this episode, we dive into these quirks of American history to help us envision a future where throw-away is so yesterday, with Matt Prindiville, Executive Director of UPSTREAM. Listen now for some big picture food for thought on how we really can make waste weird again.

Matt Prindiville Executive Director of UPSTREAM

Matt Prindiville

Imagineer & CEO, UPSTREAM

Matt is a recognized thought leader within the plastic pollution community and advises the United Nations Environment Program on their plastic pollution strategies. He is one of the founders of the global Break Free from Plastic Movement and the founder of the Cradle2 Coalition and Make It Take It Campaign. He helped establish and advance the Electronics Takeback Coalition, the Multi-State Mercury Campaign, and the Safer Chemicals and Healthy Families Coalition. Matt has written for the Guardian, GreenBiz, and Sustainable Brands among other publications. He’s been featured in the Economist, the New York Times, on NPR’s 1A, Jack Johnson’s Smog of the Sea film, and consulted with 60 Minutes on their plastic pollution special. He can be found surfing, snowboarding, and coaching his daughter's basketball team.