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Because when we change culture, we win!

We tell the stories of our heroes working to make their businesses, schools, and communities throw-away-free. And we partner on campaigns to make single-use history and "indisposable" the new norm.

If you’re like us, you’ve probably seen a lot of really depressing photos and scary statistics about plastic. But what about all the good news? And what about the campaigns that are actually changing our culture for the better?

Our heroes are the people working to make throw-away go-away - every day. Are you or someone you know working to create a better way than throw-away? Give us a shout. We want to work with you.

Introducing The INDISPOSABLE
VIdeo Series

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Free Your Home of Toxic Trash and Save Money

How to detox your home into an indisposable haven

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Recycling and Compostables are NOT the Answer

The shortcomings of recycling and compostables to meaningful impact plastic pollution and climate change

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The Indisposable Podcast

Celebrating solutions to plastic pollution - because throw-away is so yesterday.

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Plastic Exposed and the UNWRAPPED Conference

Learn about Plastic Exposed and the UNWRAPPED Conference in June

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The story and inspiration behind UPSTREAM

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Our Origins

UPSTREAM was started by a group of activists. The two founders, Dr. Bill Sheehan and Helen Spiegelman, were pioneers of Zero Waste...

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The Indisposable Podcast

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Unbottling Water: The New Refill Economy

Ecopreneur and visionary Samuel Ian Rosan of Tap lays out a tech-enabled throw-away-free future for water and beyond