You might think we’re anti-plastic zealots. We’re not. We see where plastic has allowed our world to thrive – in airplanes, cars, technology, buildings, and in the computer we are using right now to type these words.

No, the monster we are fighting is not plastic – it is our throw-away world, our single-use addiction.

So how can we get what we want without all the waste?

Our heroes will show us the way. Meet the pioneers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and cities leading the way to a throw-away-free world. They are the iconic venues of Throw-Away-Free Places, the vanguard cities in Throw-Away-Free Communities and the start-up businesses and tastemakers in Throw-Away-Free Living. UPSTREAM is stepping forward to make sure our Heroes get what they need to scale and thrive so all of us can get what we want without all the waste.

We are sparking innovative solutions to plastic pollution for a throw-away-free world. And by doing this, we not only impact plastic pollution but also climate change while saving tax dollars and creating new jobs and businesses. We call that a win-win-win-win.

There’s a better way than throw-away.